Weekly Round-Up March Week 2

I am sitting here with a new member of the plushie family. Meet Eccojams the dolphin:


Only a squid from a charity shoppe!

If you don’t know, I have quite a collection of plushies. There must be at least 20 in my bedroom! If only I can put as much effort into my goals as I do with buying plushies. Ah yes, my weekly goals. This past week was a bit of a slump. So much so that I only done gratitude on 2 days! Yikes. The only thing I really achieved was finishing decluttering. However I did say that was my primary focus for last week, so it wasn’t a complete defeat. The 2 things I am grateful for are hot chocolate and having one peaceful early morning which are very rare. It’s the simple things.

This next week, I hope, is a lot more productive. I am planning on spring cleaning, planting my butterfly flowers, finishing and printing my calendar, illustrating spring decorations and reviewing and writing up my goals for the next quarter of the year, which I will illustrate for this blog.

Weekly Round-Up March Week 1

Last blog post I mentioned a tree near where I live fell down and had to be taken away. I have since learned that my dad has kept a small cutting of the tree for our garden. The tree lives on! This has made me happy. 🙂

This week has been a productive one. I decluttered all my toiletries and make-up and changed the colour schemes on my calendar. I hope to finish decluttering everything by the end of next week, ready for spring cleaning. That is the main priority this week.

Grabitude Crackles~

I have been writing my gratitude for 6/7 days this week. Here is what I am grateful for en Français.

grabitude march 2017_1

Forgive me if some of the French is wrong. I had to Google translate some of it. I will learn French properly in the future!

(Translations: music, my duvet, Bonjela for my wisdom teeth, entertainment, my friends and having time to relax)