The Future Progression of This Blog

I have been thinking about which direction I want this blog to go in. I am no longer using it for the intended purpose of following my goals, even though I still want to. I originally had a vision of updating weekly on all of my goals that I am carrying out, I even made all the different categories. But I like creating new things.

Now I have kinda abandoned that vision. So I think I would like this blog to be about anything I want to write about. My goals, the things I like, inspiring posts to help me put my thoughts in perspective and to hopefully help whoever is reading.

I hope you stick around to watch this blog evolve 🙂

Hello Again

I want to make this work.

I am going to make this work.

Reviewing my 2016, I feel like I was most successful in January. Granted I did complete more major goals later on in the year, however, these were not consistent successes. The beginning of January 2016, I was getting my goals done, whether or not they were a fail or a success. And I think that was mainly down to two things:

  1. being excited to start new projects
  2. accountability

I started this blog to stay accountable on my goals and to practice my writing skills. I had a plan to write about the goals I wanted to complete, to write in detail the steps I had taken to achieve them, to share my creative projects and to help someone or just entertain. Overall, I wanted a site where I can look back at how much I had grown over the year.

Unfortunately, I stopped writing regularly. When I stopped writing, I feel my own life goals were slipping by. If I left it too long, it felt like a chore. I do not want this to become a chore.

So I am starting again.

With the original vision in mind.

I have already posted up a drawing of the goals I want to achieve in the next 3 months. However I do not feel this is enough motivation. I am planning on updating weekly my progress on my goals and gratitude. I am also planning on writing up the monthly check-ins too.

And when I’ve reached my goal, I will write a post with lots of party balloons and streamers. And I might have cake. No I will have cake.