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Looking through my old posts, I feel like this is just regurgitated whinging.

I still don’t know what I want to do with this blog. I made a schedule but I’m not sure I want to partake. Originally, I wanted this blog to be a place where I could easily see all the goals I wanted to achieve for the year. I thought it would be encouraging for accountability too. But accountability it seems, does not motivate me and I slowly quickly lost interest in writing.

What is the ultimate goal? This same question mirrors my life. I have no clue. I know what I want to do now, but not 5-10 years time. My tastes change far too often. I do envy people who have a set goal and go for it.

Maybe I should stick to the schedule and see what happens? And if it really is becoming a chore, I might have to say goodbye (if I cannæ think of anything to write about).

Well my goals for the next month are to do regular housekeeping (a full clean monthly and light clean weekly), budget for the month (which I’ve already done), blog regularly (LOL), do daily gratitude and to start exercising/being more active (I swear I was a sloth in a previous life).

Not too bad. The worst one is the exercise. I was quite active as a child but then as I got older I just got more sedentary. I think that’s somewhat the same for the majority.

By the way: the schedule I have is a monthly goals post, weekly round-up and a weekly gratitude post which may be illustrated. That’s all the posts I can think of doing right now. We’ll see how this goes!

April Goals

It’s that time again! March was a hopeful month. Anticipating the arrival of spring and warmer weather. The latter never happens in Britain though. Major goals I accomplished in March were:

♣ finished decluttering
♣ finished calendar
♣ planted my butterfly attracting flowers (they’re sprouting already!)
♣ blog weekly updates

and the major goal of the month I completed was:

Spring Cleaning

I finally tackled the dreaded cleaning of springtime!

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March Monthly Mayhem

Pinch Punch 1st of the month!

As of writing this post, the tree surgeons have come to clean up a large tree that fell down during Storm Doris. I have fond memories of trying to climb said tree when I was a child, and a deep familiarisation as an adult. It feels slightly melancholy to see the tree that was always there be taken away. I guess the moral of the story is no matter how long things stand, something will eventually change.

One thing that is constantly changing is life. So let’s have a cheesy segway to my March monthly goals!

Goals for March are:

♣ to KonMari declutter all belongings
♣ finish and print off calendar I made (I know, I know, 3 months into the new year)
♣ illustrate and print out cute spring themed decorations
♣ plant my butterfly wildflower kit (I’m not a gardener at ALL so this is big for me)
♣ spring clean
♣ blog weekly updates
collect grabitude crackles!

I am also going to be reviewing and adding goals for the next 3 months ahead. Will all the illustrations in this picture be coloured in?
Wait and see!

Awesome August~

Let’s ignore the fact I haven’t blogged for 25 years

August is the turn of Autumn! Or is it September? But it must be August because both Autumn and August start with Au, right?

Anyways what I have achieved last month is:

  • I took a short course in Graphic Design. I think I may have found what my future fave career will be! ^.^ (happy happy! Just wish I applied for it at college instead of doing animation at uni)
  • I started exercising. More like jumping around to Babymetal songs. Still anything to get the heart pumping!
  • I tried a dairy free diet for nearly two weeks. By the end of it I thought I would have to keep it up for much longer before I see any benefits so I went back to regular food. However milk made from oatmeal is still on my shopping list!

My goals for August are:

  • exfoliating with oatmeal. I heard it’s really good for the skin but I haven’t tried it for longer for a week so I want to focus on oatmeal.
  • Finish my Jersey scrapbook. WHY HAVE I NOT FINISHED THIS YET! I think I need to implement deadlines -_-
  • blog regularly. LOL
  • tailor my t shirts. I’ve got a couple of shirts that need sewing but have been sat in the sewing pile for 500 years.
  • continue exercising!
  • figure out what is the best next step to take in terms of career/study.

Hopefully I’ll be back with illustrated grabitude! (will schedule in to draw at the weekend!)

See Yoo *sassy walks off stage*