Achievement Unlocked: Birthday

It was my birthday a while ago. Since becoming an adult I have gotten into the pattern of getting upset with myself around my birthday because I am always focusing on the things I haven’t achieved being an adult. Most of these things are proper adult things like buying a house, having a car, having a family. In reality, most adults can’t even afford a house until they’re in retirement, cars are freakin’ expensive and I do not want a family anytime soon! (unless they’re the fluffy kind)


The fluffy family I wouldn’t mind having now. Photo is of The Samoyed Siblings

I seem to be forgetting that the adult years last for around 30 years. So instead of getting sad this year, I am turning it around and writing down what I have accomplished in my life:

  • learned to walk
  • learned to talk
  • completed school
  • was first person of my household to go to uni
  • got all gold trophies in Mario Kart
  • am the only person in my household with student debt
  • am probably not the only person in my household who is in debt
  • went to a concert on my own
  • went flying on my own
  • passed driving theory
  • didn’t fail uni/school/college
  • made an animation
  • knows how to draw in photoshop
  • was first person in my household to be on social media (yey millennial generation!)
  • have a blog
  • won a Pacman teddy from the crane game
  • won a Pacman ghost teddy from the crane game (Clyde to be exact, my favourite!)
  • is now proud wearer of glasses
  • have all Beyoncé albums
  • won tickets to see Beyoncé live
  • dyed my hair
  • has traveled abroad
  • been on a rollercoaster
  • got through puberty
  • finally became a self-employed artist
  • got stung by a wasp
  • beat the final boss in Ocarina of Time

Yes they might not be BIG accomplishments, but it really is the little things we have to remember. (Plus there are some bigger achievements that I am choosing to not blog about at this time.) Yes I want independence, my own family, but I already have a family and a roof over my head. It’s ok to dream and have goals, but it is even more important to remind ourselves of where we are now, in a positive way. Remind ourselves of what we have instead of what we have not.

birthday shoobie

Birthday shoob wishes you a happy birthday!


Weekly Round-Up March Week 1

Last blog post I mentioned a tree near where I live fell down and had to be taken away. I have since learned that my dad has kept a small cutting of the tree for our garden. The tree lives on! This has made me happy. 🙂

This week has been a productive one. I decluttered all my toiletries and make-up and changed the colour schemes on my calendar. I hope to finish decluttering everything by the end of next week, ready for spring cleaning. That is the main priority this week.

Grabitude Crackles~

I have been writing my gratitude for 6/7 days this week. Here is what I am grateful for en Français.

grabitude march 2017_1

Forgive me if some of the French is wrong. I had to Google translate some of it. I will learn French properly in the future!

(Translations: music, my duvet, Bonjela for my wisdom teeth, entertainment, my friends and having time to relax)