The Rhythm of the Harvest – Weekly Review July Week 1

I am in a cold war with a creepy-crawly right now.

There is a small harvestman (they’re not even classed as a spider or an insect!) in the most hardest to reach place in my bedroom, the farthest corner above the wardrobe. It chose that spot on purpose. I have to plan my strategy wisely as I am scared to make the first move in case it goes crazy. Plus my parents are going away on holiday this weekend so my front line defenses are down. BUT DON’T LET IT KNOW THAT! 

If you don’t know what a harvestman is, it’s those spider-like creatures that have the really small bodies and the really long legs. They kinda look like those wiry head massagers that I do not like either. For the record, I (well my front line soldier aka my mum) get bugs out the humane way. I don’t want to clean up the battlefield!


I personally don’t find these relaxing at all, however this pupper doesn’t seem to mind.

This week started promising. Monday was a somewhat productive day. I managed to tick everything off my to-do list. Tuesday was when the promises were broken. I woke up so tired and cba on Tuesday (might have something to do with listening to music till 12 the night before!). I have come to the conclusion that I need a good, grounding morning routine. But the word “routine” sounds so boring and forced. I came across a website that mentioned naming it a “morning rhythm” instead. Rhythms help to keep repeating events in time. Clocks, music, dance, even bodies all have rhythms. This sounds like music to my ears.

My exercise goal went out the window this week. Again I am not in the rhythm of exercising at the same time on the selected days. Next week I will be focusing on establishing these rhythms and hopefully bringing some order to the chaos.

I suppose I can say I have achieved something this week though. The fact that I can still sleep at night with a harvestman in my bedroom is an achievement in itself.




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