Lights Out Night 6

I did something different last night. Instead of just waiting till I was tired, when the sun went down, I tidied my bedroom. It felt so good to be getting into bed without sharing it with a bunch of clothes. One of the advantages to using battery-operated candles is I could place them in my wardrobe without fear of fire. I also packed away everything that was in my handbag. This is very rare for me. By the time I’d finished, it was about time for bed. I went to bed around 9 but for some reason I could not sleep. I thought I would be sparked out as not only did I exercise yesterday but I also walked through my hilly town for 45 minutes. I thought exercise is meant to tire you out! I didn’t have any dinner last night though as I had a late lunch so maybe that could be it? I woke up at my alarm at 6 (yes even on weekends I want to keep waking up at my alarm. I have changed!), hungry from not having dinner, and strangely awake.

Tonight is the last night of the Lights Out Challenge. I have surprisingly enjoyed it. I thought I would crash and burn as I, like many other people living in this century, cannot live without electronic gadgets. At first, I was really appreciative of how technology has come so far and of how this challenge was the norm for everyone probably not even 100 years ago. Now I feel kind of sad that it’s over. I will definitely incorporate this into my lifestyle. I think I’ll try having a lights out night on Sundays as I have a tendency to stay up late on Sundays and no one wants to start a Monday morning feeling groggy as hell. I’m thinking of doing another full week of this when it’s the height of summer. As the sun doesn’t go down until around half 9 where I live, it will be perfect for transitioning into sleep mode.

I strongly suggest you try this challenge if you want to reset your body clock, or if you want to get into the habit of a better sleep routine. When sunset arrives, NO electronics and NO artificial lights. If you think it will be too hard or boring, you might be surprised.


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