Lights Out!

I am trying a challenge this week. The challenge is to switch off all electronics and all artificial lights at sunset. You are allowed candles or artificial candles as a light source and that’s it! This is so that the body can get back into a natural rhythm and sleep pattern. One of the challenge requests is to write a sleep journal and monitor your moods. And what better way to document it than on here!

Last night, sunset was at 7:40pm. I was currently washing up from dinner when the sun went down. I’m using artificial candles as I don’t really like naked flames in my room (too many precious plushies!). I found a dot-to-dot puzzle to do instead of being on a computer or watching tv. I started doing the dot-to-dot when I got a slight headache as my eyes had to strain to see what I was doing. With nothing much else to do I decided to get ready for bed. It was 8:45pm when I snuggled down. Instead of sleeping right away, I lay awake with the small lights flickering. It’s really relaxing. I was really excited to do this challenge as it’s a completely different change of pace. I thought about how doing this once in a while would be good but I couldn’t live like this permanently. It makes you wonder how different life was like 100 years ago when people were still relying on candles. I must’ve settled down at around 9:15pm. I slept straight through to 5:30am, when the first instance of light peaked through the curtain. My alarm was set to go off at 6am anyway so I thought that’s convenient. I felt really refreshed when I woke up. It was a solid 8 hours of sleep after all.

I wonder how I’ll feel tonight? I’ll probably be getting board by Wednesday and want to give up! We’ll see.


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