April Goals

It’s that time again! March was a hopeful month. Anticipating the arrival of spring and warmer weather. The latter never happens in Britain though. Major goals I accomplished in March were:

♣ finished decluttering
♣ finished calendar
♣ planted my butterfly attracting flowers (they’re sprouting already!)
♣ blog weekly updates

and the major goal of the month I completed was:

Spring Cleaning

I finally tackled the dreaded cleaning of springtime!

I have to be honest here. At the end of March, I had a bit of a wobble and wanted to pack all my goals in. Here’s an extract from a diary entry during the turbulence:

“I have a workbook for my goals. It’s really inspiring and entices you in so you get really excited about the possibilities. “This year is gonna be the best! Who knows what it will bring?” It’s a false sense of security. ~ For some people it works, for me, I feel I am just setting myself up for failure.”

Now this wobble was mainly down to hormones because I feel ok now, but I think I was also putting too much pressure on myself to complete everything. I have so many ideas of things I want to do, mainly creative ventures, that when it comes to starting, I panic and get overwhelmed. Even when I’m only concentrating on 3 months at a time, I still write down too many goals. Well now I have learned from this and I am now only going to concentrate on one thing from each category, especially the creative one. This sounds counter-productive as most creative work includes juggling multiple projects at one time, but you still have to prioritize.

So this month I have prioritized to:
april 2017 goals

It may not seem much, but at least I don’t feel so overwhelmed this time. That’s just how I work. Plus doing other goals after these is a bonus!


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