Weekly Round-Up March Week 1

Last blog post I mentioned a tree near where I live fell down and had to be taken away. I have since learned that my dad has kept a small cutting of the tree for our garden. The tree lives on! This has made me happy. 🙂

This week has been a productive one. I decluttered all my toiletries and make-up and changed the colour schemes on my calendar. I hope to finish decluttering everything by the end of next week, ready for spring cleaning. That is the main priority this week.

Grabitude Crackles~

I have been writing my gratitude for 6/7 days this week. Here is what I am grateful for en Français.

grabitude march 2017_1

Forgive me if some of the French is wrong. I had to Google translate some of it. I will learn French properly in the future!

(Translations: music, my duvet, Bonjela for my wisdom teeth, entertainment, my friends and having time to relax)


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