March Monthly Mayhem

Pinch Punch 1st of the month!

As of writing this post, the tree surgeons have come to clean up a large tree that fell down during Storm Doris. I have fond memories of trying to climb said tree when I was a child, and a deep familiarisation as an adult. It feels slightly melancholy to see the tree that was always there be taken away. I guess the moral of the story is no matter how long things stand, something will eventually change.

One thing that is constantly changing is life. So let’s have a cheesy segway to my March monthly goals!

Goals for March are:

♣ to KonMari declutter all belongings
♣ finish and print off calendar I made (I know, I know, 3 months into the new year)
♣ illustrate and print out cute spring themed decorations
♣ plant my butterfly wildflower kit (I’m not a gardener at ALL so this is big for me)
♣ spring clean
♣ blog weekly updates
collect grabitude crackles!

I am also going to be reviewing and adding goals for the next 3 months ahead. Will all the illustrations in this picture be coloured in?
Wait and see!


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