Let’s Give This Another Go…


Blogging Attempt #1

Bitch I’m back. I’m popular than that. You gatts to belieeve me.

Welcome to 2017! I am going to try try try my best at keeping this blog updated. I want to keep this blog updated. I want to have an easy way to look at all I have achieved over the year cos god knows I ain’t gonna remember shit.

I am doing my goals differently this year. Instead of writing down all the things I want to achieve in the next 365 days, I am going to write down only the goals I want to achieve in the next 3 months. I think the main reason I failed didn’t get as far as I would’ve liked last year is because I wrote down so much junk, that I kinda got a bit overwhelmed by it all. I would think “that’s ok I have the WHOLE year to achieve all this” but by the time September rolls around, I start panicking and berating myself. Seeing the bigger picture might work for some people, or the majority, but I have learned that it doesn’t work for me. Hence why the 3 month goals!

Writing down the goals I want to achieve in the next 3 months also helps me to think realistically in terms of time frames. It also helps to break down bigger goals into smaller chunks. Try it sometime if you’re like me and find the bigger picture a tad overwhelming.

So here are the goals I want to achieve by March 2017:



That’s about it for the 1st 1/4. That’s enough goals for 3 months right?