Awesome August~

Let’s ignore the fact I haven’t blogged for 25 years

August is the turn of Autumn! Or is it September? But it must be August because both Autumn and August start with Au, right?

Anyways what I have achieved last month is:

  • I took a short course in Graphic Design. I think I may have found what my future fave career will be! ^.^¬†(happy happy! Just wish I applied for it at college instead¬†of doing animation at uni)
  • I started exercising. More like jumping around to Babymetal songs. Still anything to get the heart pumping!
  • I tried a dairy free diet for nearly two weeks. By the end of it I thought I would have to keep it up for much longer before I see any benefits so I went back to regular food. However milk made from oatmeal is still on my shopping list!

My goals for August are:

  • exfoliating with oatmeal. I heard it’s really good for the skin but I haven’t tried it for longer for a week so I want to focus on oatmeal.
  • Finish my Jersey scrapbook. WHY HAVE I NOT FINISHED THIS YET! I think I need to implement deadlines -_-
  • blog regularly. LOL
  • tailor my t shirts. I’ve got a couple of shirts that need sewing but have been sat in the sewing pile for 500 years.
  • continue exercising!
  • figure out what is the best next step to take in terms of career/study.

Hopefully I’ll be back with illustrated grabitude! (will schedule in to draw at the weekend!)

See Yoo *sassy walks off stage*