Long Time, No Update

Yikes! It’s been ages since my last post on here. I am absolutely terrible at keeping up with stuff. I’m always like this with blogs. I love starting up new ones, creating the designs, getting excited with my first post, but then I just stop updating for some reason. :/

And that’s what’s happening here! I don’t know how other people do it. I started some art blogs and pages at the beginning of the year and they only have about 4 posts on them! Aaaaaa~ how do all you bloggers do it? It is something I want to get better at. I should schedule it in every week to update.

It is now halfway through the year. I will write up a post about all my accomplishments so far and what else I want to achieve. I will schedule that into my planner otherwise it will not get done! This is just an update to say that I haven’t completely abandoned this place.

Time to go and update my other blogs… sheesh


(^^ my old sign off from my old blogs hue hue)