Water Water Everywhere~


One of my main goals for this year is to drink more water. I worked it out based on my current weight that I need to drink 1500ml of water a day. That is divided into three 500ml bottles or six 250ml glasses.

water experiment_final copy

Lovely illustrated by moi~

I bought a water filter bottle in January so that is making this task much easier as I only have to fill it up 3 times a day. January is also when I started this goal. I started with drinking only 1 glass a day for a week, then 2 glasses for the next week and kept adding a glass until I was at my peak.

past water copy

Also illustrated by moi~

I had been staying at the 5 glasses a day mark because 1) it was easier and 2) I’m not sure that I can physically handle 6 glasses. I had been trying to drink 6 a day a couple of months back but ended up feeling a bit nauseous. So I stuck to the 5. This week however, I have been trying to commit to 6 glasses to see if it improves my skin. At the start of the week I felt ok but as of writing, I feel that same nauseous feeling I had a couple of months back. Am I drinking too much water? Or is it just a bug going round? Why do I feel fine when sticking to 5 glasses but not fine when jumping up to 6? This next week I am only going to stick to 5 glasses a day and see how I feel. 5 is enough for hydration anyway.


How can this cute little face make me feel so bleugh?


Or… is it the face of evil?! D:


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