Mayday Mayday!

It’s May for goodness sake! Already! :O Actually, compared to last year, I have found this year to be going by at a much slower pace. I think it is because I am taking time to plan out my weeks and days, whereas last year I just kinda drifted through, not really knowing where I was going.

For May, I haven’t really got a lot planned unlike the past two months. I think that’s where I burned out for a while. I would start the month with a whole bunch of things I wanted to do, then never get round to doing them, then getting frustrated with myself because I wasn’t achieving what I wanted. However, this month looks like I am learning to pace myself with my goals. There’s so much I want to do but I have to prioritize. For the record, I don’t list every goal I have on this blog. This is why it might seem like the past couple of monthly goals posts do not seem to have anything in. Believe me, there is a lot more written down in my planner. I just post the ones I want to blog about.

My goals for this month are:

  • to finish my scrapbook from when I went to Jersey this time LAST YEAR! Why have I not finished it yet?! – I only got the idea for scrap booking holidays last year. Now I know why I haven’t bothered for the holidays before!
  • book theory test – I feel ready now I have had time to study
  • start my food experiment. More on this in another post
  • research costs for a trip to the far east
  • get back into budgeting and writing all my expenses – I don’t know why I stopped :/
  • go outside more – I’ve never been an outdoorsey person, but now summer is around the corner I suddenly have an urge to want to be outside.



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