Grabitude Crackles

Week 15

This week I am grateful for:

  • having time to catch up on sleep
  • free (sorta) resources
  • not being tired on only 6 hours sleep¬†like wut? I usually need 8+ to function
  • days off from routine
  • my cute umbrella shielding me from the rain~¬†I love walking in the rain
  • getting everything I wanted done DONE!

Amazing April~

My oracle card for this month is the Three of Fire. The description reads about blazing passion and power. I’m guessing this is a month to work on my passions.

My main goals for this month are:

  • to paint my word of the year artwork. I have finally developed an idea, just need to get round to painting it!
  • hopefully booking my theory test!
  • designing some stuff for myself
  • healthy eating
  • working on possible career stuffs

I have some smaller goals that I may or may not partake depending on how things turn out. This is mainly creative goals.