KonMari – Books and Papers

I have recently sorted out the books and papers categories in the KonMari method. Books were relatively easy for me as I not long (about 2 years ago ?) sorted out all the books I wanted to keep. I used to have a massive box under my bed with all my old children books that I didn’t want on my bookcase any more. Again, I had the mentality of “out of sight, out of mind”. That was until I started to notice spider’s webs all over the box. Before you could say “Charlotte’s Web”, that box was outta here! And yes, I did keep Charlotte’s Web.

I have to admit that some of the books are quite difficult to decide. The whole principle of the KonMari method is to keep only the items that spark joy. Now I think I may have cheated the system as I have decided to hold onto books that don’t really spark joy, but when looking inside (Kondo is highly against this!), I wanted to read them and to keep them. Most of these books are non-fiction, instructional books.

The next category is papers. This is any and every piece of paper that is lying around. And boy was I not prepared for this task! I had a horrible thought that sorting out my clothes would be daunting, but papers is worse. I had papers EVERYWHERE! On the floor, buried under junk in draws, I even have a couple hidden behind the bookcase. Now this is where I completely break the KonMari rules. Kondo suggests as a rule of thumb, to discard all papers. This is understandable if your pile consists of mainly scrap papers and random notes of no relevance. However most, if not all people have very important documents lying around. Kondo actually says about statements and payslips to discard them after the month is up as they have served their purpose. I cannot even fathom discarding any statement. Even if it’s from 10 years ago. Nope, these are staying with me to my grave. I might even get them buried with me just in case.


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