Magical March

March is here! Spring is on it’s way! It’s the season of chocolate, bunnies, and marching around town! (not really)


I purchased a cute duckie like this one around this time of year so he always reminds me of spring. The cute basket is made by Brenda Quintana.

This month’s oracle card is the Eight of Earth. This card is about mentors, role-models and teachers. I feel like this card is synonymous with learning. Even teachers continue learning their craft in order to teach their students well.

For this month’s goals, I would like to:

  • get a place in a career I would like to explore
  • stick to my study plan!
  • KonMari de-clutter the rest of my belongings, hopefully before the equinox
  • work on my art, take myself more seriously and learn to market myself efficiently
  • create my word of the year artwork

So a lot of art related goals this month, because I am an artsy-fartsy person!



Ambitions. I already have stripey clothes.



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