February Round-Up

February was a very brave month for me. Big things were planned and I fulfilled them. Here’s the goals I reached in February.

I started the KonMari method of de-cluttering my belongings. I have just finished with all my clothing items and have managed to put them away neatly into my wardrobe. It was a daunting task at first as my clothes were here, there and everywhere, but I am so happy that I have thrown away the junk and now all what’s left fits perfectly in my wardrobe. I cannot wait to get started on the rest of my clutter!

The goal I tried really hard at but failed was sticking with my study schedule. For some reason at the end of the week I just got really tired and could not be bothered to partake in any study. I also had trouble sticking to my hydration goal as well.

All in all, February was a testing month. Here’s hoping March will be a bit more action!



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