Grabitude Crackles

Week 10

This week I am grateful for:

  • having time to rest
  • getting free help
  • these planners and workbooks I am using – I didn’t know this but they implement the same principles as the help service I am currently receiving!~ 
  • The Ellen show! – I only found out this past week that they are broadcasting Ellen across the pond. Even though I get judged by my ‘rents, I don’t care, I love American tv.
  • coffee – fun fact: I didn’t like coffee 2 years ago. And now I am writing about how much I’m grateful for it xD
  • A cute elephant that my mum knitted
  • My bedroom window being south facing

The cute elephant my mama knitted :3

Disclaimer: This post was written whilst watching the Ellen Show.


KonMari – Books and Papers

I have recently sorted out the books and papers categories in the KonMari method. Books were relatively easy for me as I not long (about 2 years ago ?) sorted out all the books I wanted to keep. I used to have a massive box under my bed with all my old children books that I didn’t want on my bookcase any more. Again, I had the mentality of “out of sight, out of mind”. That was until I started to notice spider’s webs all over the box. Before you could say “Charlotte’s Web”, that box was outta here! And yes, I did keep Charlotte’s Web.

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Grabitude Crackles

Week 9

Ah! I forgot about last week’s crackles! I should start posting these at the weekends.

This week I am grateful for:

  • lazy days
  • free resources to create and promote my art
  • opportunities – even if I don’t want to take them up
  • having a helpful local art shop that has the cutest door man! No not in that sense (unfortunately) but this door man has 4 legs and goes woof! Basically they own a dog that comes through to the door when you enter.
  • realising that I am not the cause of everyone’s problems – even though I feel like it sometimes

I feel like these gratitude practices are becoming a good release and are helping me to appreciate the small things.

February Round-Up

February was a very brave month for me. Big things were planned and I fulfilled them. Here’s the goals I reached in February.

I started the KonMari method of de-cluttering my belongings. I have just finished with all my clothing items and have managed to put them away neatly into my wardrobe. It was a daunting task at first as my clothes were here, there and everywhere, but I am so happy that I have thrown away the junk and now all what’s left fits perfectly in my wardrobe. I cannot wait to get started on the rest of my clutter!

The goal I tried really hard at but failed was sticking with my study schedule. For some reason at the end of the week I just got really tired and could not be bothered to partake in any study. I also had trouble sticking to my hydration goal as well.

All in all, February was a testing month. Here’s hoping March will be a bit more action!