We Will Tidy It~

lego spring clean

About a month ago I stumbled across a new thing that intrigued me. Said new thing is called the “KonMari Method” of tidying.

The KonMari Method is the act of sorting out all your possessions, keeping the ones that spark joy and discarding the rest, so that you are surrounded by only the objects that you like. Makes sense, right? To keep things that you like. That is what I thought I was doing for the past 5 years. Buying things that I liked, putting them away somewhere, buying more things that I liked, putting them somewhere… until there is nowhere else to keep things. One thing I have realised is how different my tastes have (and not so) changed. I am finding things that I never knew I had, or things that suddenly spark flashbacks to when I was a young and hip teen. It is weird how when you are a teenager, you think you are going to keep the style you have at that moment forever. “I’m gonna wear this edgy necklace even when I’m 40 cuz I will nevar change!”. Of course, style does change.

The difference between this method and other conventional de-cluttering methods is the suggestion to sort out your belonging in categories, not by room or area. This really threw me as I have always tidied by room and area. “I’ll do my bookcase first, then move onto my wardrobe…”. Not only does Marie Kondo, the tidying expert who invented this method, suggest to sort by category, but there is a specific order to the categories. Clothes first, then books, papers, miscellaneous and then sentimental last. You might think it is just a random order thrown together but when reading the book, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying”, you realise that there is a method to the madness.

Now onto my experience. Why am I doing this first of all? Well I naïvely thought that when I get my own place (whenever that is going to be) I would take the things I use most and leave the rest behind. However, whilst reading the book, I thought that it is about time I start treating my space I have now sacredly, not think about when.

So far I have only sorted through two sub-categories in the clothes section. Tops and bottoms. Heads and Tails. Yin and Yang. For this, I followed what the book tells me and gathered all my tops into one big pile. I found things I had forgotten I even owned. Once gathered, I picked up my tops one by one and asked myself “does this spark joy?”. I could tell if something did spark joy as I would have a massive grin across my face! The items that didn’t give me that reaction went into the discard pile. If I wasn’t sure, instead of having a maybe pile, I thought “if I have to think about it, then it has to go”. It is strange how the clothes I wanted to keep gave me an instant reaction when I picked them up. I added an extra pile which I think is beneficial. As clothing not only looks nice and shows your fashion sense, they also have a purpose. The extra pile is titled “clothes that spark joy but not sure if still fits”. Besides, I don’t see the point in keeping clothes that look nice but you know will never fit any more. After sorting, surprisingly I had a lot of tops in the keep pile. The same cannot be said for the bottoms though. This is probably the reason why I have a very high tops to bottoms ratio. Jeans, leggings, trousers, just do not seem to bring me any joy. I tend to buy them for their purpose rather than whether I like them. I do have some bottoms to keep, but the selection is not as extensive as the tops.


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