January Round-up

The month of January for me, as is for everyone, a month of starting things. Spring is usually the season of new beginnings, but for some reason, we have celebrated a New Year in the middle of the darkness of winter. Because of this, I see the period after New Year as coming out of hibernation.

The scary thing is, everything I wanted to do for that month, I got done! I made my nephew’s Christmas present, even though that was a fail, I still made it! I created my entry for a competition and sent my entry off a while ago. I started to drink more water and created a study plan for my driving theory.

I want this blog to not just be success stories though. That is the reason I wrote about my plans for my nephew’s present, and my failure. That isn’t the only failure I have had this month. I have fallen out of the habit of daily gratitude, not out of pure laziness but due to being in a really bad place that I can’t even think of anything to be grateful for. I have failed keeping up with my water schedule because of this too. I gave my weekly reward of a Crunch Corner to my mother. I have also noticed that with this whole “goal getting”, I feel like I am not setting aside time to hang out with friends. Because everything on my days off is doing things to reach my goals, I feel like I am pushing aside social time. Maybe I can make that a goal for this next month.


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