Tried but Failed

I have a confession to make. I haven’t been keeping up with anything recently. I haven’t been drinking enough water. I haven’t been studying my theory. I haven’t been writing down my gratitude. I fall into the same pattern. At the beginning of the week I am all raring to go but by the end I am too tired to do anything. 😦


This calls for alterations. Something is not working so I have to fix it. I will continue with drinking my recommended allowance for water, and having a reward at the end of the week if I do so (I have been giving my reward of a Crunch Corner to my mother lately). I will set intentions for the day ahead the night before and write my gratitude. The change will lie in my study schedule. Instead of studying everyday and only having Sundays as rest, I will move my study to Monday and Tuesday, have a 2 day break, then study more on Friday and Saturday. I just hope I stick to this plan.

Fabulous February

February is the month of lurrve~


And also the month of pancakes!

But more importantly, a month of doing junk!

This month’s oracle/tarot card is the Seven of Water. Keywords in the description are choice and commitment.

This month’s goals are:

  • De-clutter using the KonMari Method
  • Sticking to the study plan I created
  • Sticking to keeping hydrated


So this month is basically committing to the choices I have made.