Word of the Year

I couldn’t come up with a word. Nothing jumped out at me. I was hoping a dream, or I stumble upon something that resonated, but nothing came to me. So I decided to do another oracle/tarot card reading but with just one card. I shuffled, spread them out, mixed them up like dominoes, then with my eyes closed, I picked one up at random. The card I picked was the Eight of Air. I read the description on Gaian Tarot , picking out key words. Two keywords stood out. “Transformation” and “Action”. I thought about Transformation at first but then, what if I transform into something negative? What if the year transforms into something negative? So I decided with Action. I liked the word, and now I feel it is more fitting for the year. I want action to take place. This is the reason I started this blog and brought the Shining Year Journals.

I’m not a very actionable person, but hopefully this year I can be.


One thought on “Word of the Year

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